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The Principals of Correctional Solutions Group have operated dozens of Jails, Prisons, Detention Centers and Halfway Houses over the last thirty-five years as executives on the same team. Our Chief Executive has been an Auditor for the Commission on Accreditation for the American Correctional Association and we operate with the Accreditation manuals as our guidelines.

As Management and Operational Consultants we could be there for your County to provide executive level guidance and consulting over jail operations. As seasoned correctional professionals in the private sector we have decades of experience in looking at correctional projects from a business perspective as well as an operational perspective. This means that we can provide the high level executive know-how that’s helpful in developing and maintaining real-world budgets and fiscal projections that are responsive to both operational and funding needs. We can take a step back from the daily operations and objectively assess needs, weak points, and strengths without the ego-involvement that frequently arises in project management and operations. We have operated thirteen city and county jails significantly less expensively than the governmental entities had previously done, many of those facilities operating at a profit for both the government and our company.


In simple terms, we can provide:


  • Quality Assurance Monitoring.

  • Budget Preparation, Review and Adjustments.

  • Staffing Review and Staffing Level Recommendations.

  • Executive Level Recruiting.

  • Policy and Operations Manuals.

  • Staff Training.




Typical Advantages to Counties. In short, utilizing CSG as Management Consultants can provide several advantages:


Fiscal Advantages

  • Reduce Liability Exposure for the County

  • Operate the Jail Facility in the most cost-effective manner

  • Manage and reduce workers compensation and long-term disability claims


Operational Advantages

  • Staff and Management can concentrate their efforts on jail operations and management rather than having to worry about the business side.

  • Jail has the Quality Control to ensure operation in a safe, secure and humane manner according to the published standards of the State and the American Correctional Association.

  • Staff is maintained at the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and morale.



Experience       Compliance         Integrity         Excellence


If you would like more information about how we can put our experience to work for your agency, please feel free to contact me direct.






  John R. Forren/MHA

 President and CEO  (619) 249-9816 

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