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Innovation has been in the forefront for the founders of Correctional Solutions Group who have been  pioneers throughout their operating careers in operating jails and community corrections to include :


                          First to provide electronic monitoring to the Bureau of Prisons

                          First to provide detention services to the Bureau of Prisons

                          First to provide for-profit services to the Bureau of Prisons

                          First to provide private jail services to a number of cities in Los Angeles and

                          Orange County



The following is an additional list of some of the projects the founders of Correctional Solutions Group, LLC have been involved with over the years:


Pre-Release Centers (Correctional Halfway Houses)


Federal Bureau of Prisons 

Oakland, CA – BOP 

San Francisco, CA – BOP    El Monte, CA - BOP
San Diego, CA – BOP   Salt Lake City, UT – BOP 

Houston, TX – BOP      Austin, TX – BOP 

Edinburg, TX – BOP     Brownsville, TX – BOP

Leavenworth, KS – BOP 

Santa Barbara, CA – BOP 

California Department of Corrections (CDOC) Inglewood, CA – CDOC

Los Angeles, CA – CDOC 

San Francisco, CA – CDOC 

Santa Barbara, CA – CDOC State and County Pre-Release Centers

Durham, NC – North Carolina Department of Corrections

Los Angeles, CA – Community Relations Service 

SMART Program – Travis County, TX  

Beaumont, TX – Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Edinburg, TX- Texas Department of Criminal Justice 



Institutions and Detention Centers


Central Falls Rhode Island Detention Facility – US Marshal Service 
Baker Community Corrections Facility – CA Dept. of Corrections

Hidden Valley Ranch Juv. Det. Center – BOP Youth Corrections Act 

Inglewood Detention Facility – US Marshall Service 

El Centro Detention Facility – Immigration and Customs Enforcement 
Lincoln County Detention Center – Lincoln County, New Mexico

San Miguel County Detention Center – San Miguel County, NM 

Live Oak Community Corrections Facility – CA Dept. of Corrections 

La Honda Community Corrections Facility – CA Dept.of Corrections 

Whittier Jail – City of Whittier 

Seal Beach Jail – City of Seal Beach 

Montebello Jail –City of Montebello 

Bell Jail – City of Bell   

Alhambra Jail – City of Alhambra   

Baldwin Park Jail – City of Baldwin Park 

Garden Grove Jail – City of Garden Grove   

Tri-County Detention Center – Pulaski County of Illinois/ICE 

Columbiana County Jail- Lisbon, Ohio

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