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The principals of Correctional Solutions Group, LLC, have always strived to provide safe, secure and humane services in all of our correctional contracts. We believe to our core that all of the residents in our programs deserve to be treated humanely and with respect and that we need to listen to them when they express a need or a want, even if we are unable to fully comply with their request.


We further believe that our staff, being on the intersection of resident and provider, need also to be treated with respect, listened to, and to be managed fairly. Our goal is to create a corporate culture that instills in our staff a pride in our work, the humanity of our services, and the job satisfaction that allows them to go home at the end of their shift and say that they did well and that they provided a needed service.


We further seek to benefit the communities we work in and frequently sponsor local events, youth athletic teams, and holiday food and toy baskets for needy families. At our SMART Facility in Austin our resident volunteer garden will provide 4,500 pounds of produce this year to local food pantries and soup kitchens in the Austin Metropolitan Area with a 13.5 year estimated total of some 60,000 pounds of vegetables donated locally.


In our programs with women and children we have provided the necessities to lessen the hardship and one-to-one communication to each resident that they are welcomed, despite their circumstances. In our youth programs we have provided educational opportunities beyond the mandated, such as computer training and education on the richness of their cultural heritage, providing therapists to those with trauma and emotional needs. In our adult programs we have provided access to spiritual and religious programs in the community, often setting up programs for churches to host and mentor those residents seeking community integration. While these are just snippets of the varied activities we provide above and beyond the contract requirements, we believe these enhance the effectiveness of our services and are rewarding for our residents and staff.







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